A small company with expertise

J2 Videos is a boutique video production company in Knoxville. Our small size and foot print means we can produce videos that rival our large competitors for much less. We thrive when it comes to accurately illustrating your brand or capturing the magic of your event. We always keep you engaged all along the way to ensure your story gets captured and expressed the way you want it to.

The right vision for your project

Wow, is what we want our viewers to say. Using artistic filming methods and our client's vision to create stories that invoke emotion is what we do. It does not matter if you have an loose idea or precise, we specialize in taking those thoughts and creating the perfect video.


FAA Licensed Remote Pilot

J2 Videos has the proper licenses to capture aerial footage perfect for just about any story. Aerial footage works great for creating real estate videos, "B" roll for events like weddings, or adding action to any outdoor set.


What makes us stand above the competition

Personalized Service

We are a small local company. Your not dealing with a large business that loses track of their clients. We will work with you from beginning to end of each project insuring you know exactly what is going on. Being this small means lower overhead which translates to lower cost to you.

The right Equipment

We film everything in Ultra High Definition 4k. 4k is future proof, featuring almost four times as many pixels as HD. Many companies do not use 4k because of the huge memory and computer speeds required to edit them.


We are considered the "Jack of all trades", capable of not just the obvious video, but also capable of all editing, sound, voice over, graphics, and still photo editing. Alot of these skills are needed to make a truly well rounded video.


We want the project outcome to be better than you expect. Because we call all the shots we are able to work around demanding timelines, strange locations, and are crafty when it comes to getting the shot. There is little that would stop us from making a great story.

South Landing Crossfit


Crissy and Shane, co-owners of South Landing Crossfit really do offer what could be the best place to get and stay fit in Knoxville. I have never met a group of people so supportive and helpful to one another. They truly have a big workout family there.

Katy and Patrick

Video Trailer!

We had a great time sharing their day, we were so excited to take a peek at some of the footage we made a quick video trailer with some of the highlights! As always the Foundry makes a wonderful backdrop for any reception.

Katy and Patrick

The Highlight Video

A long time couple finally tie the Knott at The Foundry at the Worlds Fair site in Knoxville TN. Their family and friends really knew how to have a great time and we were lucky to share their special day.

South Landing Crossfit

Free Saturday Workouts!

Crissy and Shane, co-owners of South Landing Crossfit offer a free community workout every Saturday at 10AM. It think you will be surprised at how well they Taylor the workouts to anyone that is interested. Go and check out their friendliness, leave a little sweaty.


Their Final Race of 2017

We put together a quick video highlighting the events that recently took place during Knox Bike Racing's final season event. They feature five different classes that fit perfectly for just about any competitive level. Visit them on Facebook to learn more about future races and events.


Charlie and Chelsea

What a fantastic wedding, held in the Knoxville Sunsphere, the theme of the evening was beer. Instead of a sand or candle ceremony, these two did a beer ceremony where two beers were mixed together. Not without a little mishap however.

Product Demonstration

Origami Day

How you spend your day is how you spend your life. Origami day sets out to help others manage their productivity with helpful tools and ideas.

Wedding Film

Lindsay and Zach

A beautiful couple share a fantastic day they will always remember. Filmed at the Foundry in Knoxville and other shots taken at Southern Rail Depot.

Cooking Video

Yellowfin Tuna Salad

Learn from the best in town as WokChow Fire Seared Asian shows us a new featured menu item. Featuring drop frame video and fast motion, enjoy this fun project in 4k.

Quick Interview

Cazzy's Corner Grill

Chef Kyle Russell of Cazzy's tells us a little bit about himself and what he brings to the restaurant. Recently he was selected as the winner of the CityView Knoxville's top chef competition. His creativity and a taste for quality helped bring home the win.

Slow Motion

Norris Dam Spillway

It has been over six years since Norris Dam opened it's spillway releasing 1,000s of gallons per second. We took a quick trip to check it out and captured some video at the same time. Much of this was filmed at 180 frames per second to create super slow motion!

Real Estate

Sequoyah Hills Home

Our favorite Realtor in Knoxville Paula Patterson had us film this wonderful home for sale. A fun project for sure incorporating Apple Motion map pins, google maps, and an into Drone Flight.


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